K1010 Window and glass cleaner

K1011 Open gear lubricant

K1012 Penetrating oil

K1014 Moisture remover and lubricant

K1015 Silicone spray

K1017Chain and cable lubricant

K1020 Solvent cleaner

K1021 Copper anti seize

K1024 Freezer spray

K1026 Food safe lubricant

K1027 Air freshener~ Pot pouri /Lemon K1035 Stainless steel cleaner

K1035 Stainless Steel Cleaner

K1041 De-icer

K1055 Barrier cream

K1060 Graffiti cleaner

K1062 Foam cleaner

K1063 P.T.F.E

K1067 Furniture polish

K1070 Galvanising spray

K1080 Cutting fluid

Non stock~ to order only

K1013 Plastic coating

K1089White grease

K1094 Air duster

K1098Line marker paint 24oz

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