Brick And Masonry Cleaner

10% hydrochloric acid. Formulated to remove scale, lime scale and cement stains from masonry surfaces. A pink coloured clear liquid.

Cement And Concrete Remover

A powerful hydrochloric acid based product with rust inhibitors to remove cement and concrete and protect against attack on bare metal. Excellent for removing rust, rust stains, cement runs etc. A clear colourless product.

28% Hydrochloric Descaler Acid

Will remove concrete and cement from plant and machinery. Use to de-scale tanks, heat exchangers, boilers etc. A straw coloured liquid.

Concrete And Masonry Sealer

A water based seal for cement and stone surfaces. Often used to prevent dusting on factory floors. A white opaque liquid.


Cold Bath Decarboniser

Intended for the removal of carbon deposits. Also effective as a paint remover for air dried and stoved surfaces. Available with or without a seal. A dark brown liquid.

Thixotropic Paint Stripper

Solvent based paint remover with enhanced residency for removal of paint from a wide variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, steel, aluminium and other metals. A viscous colourless gel with pungent odour. Use only in well ventilated areas.

Tar & Bitumen Remover

For fast and efficient removal of tar and bitumen from road building machinery, tankers, construction vehicles and masonry etc. A straw colour liquid.

Penetrating And Release Fluid 

Apply to nuts, cables, jammed locks, corroded components to free and release. A tan coloured liquid.

De-Watering & Rust Preventative

Moisture remover and rust preventative oil for protecting machine parts when in storage. A tan coloured liquid.

Oil Dispersant

Formulated with specialised high foaming detergents to remove and suspend oil spillages in an emulsion for easy removal. A blue coloured liquid.

Aluminium Cleaner

A formulation of detergents and hydrofluoric acid for cleaning and brightening all aluminium surfaces. A colourless clear liquid.

Mould Release Agent

A widely used release agent for an extensive range of moulded products. A colourless clear liquid.

Enviroweld' Antispatter Water Based Liquid

An exceptionally effective non toxic, dichloromethane free anti spatter liquid. Enviroweld is non flammable, bio-degradeable and suitable for use in confined areas. Aerosols typically contain up to 30% of the volume as propellent. Enviroweld is applied via re-fillable trigger spray packs that use the entire product with no need for propellant. Further more, only a thin misting of the product is needed.  Enviroweld is free from Dichloromethane solvent. Enviroweld is a safe, economical, effective, non toxic and an environmentally solution to spatter problems.  Enviroweld is available in all pack sizes from 1ltr trigger spray to 1000L IBC

 Label & Glue Remover

 A blend of powerful solvents specially selected to break down and remove label adhesives.


Enzyme Liquid

Use for control and eradication of odours from carpet, wall coverings, upholstery, floors, refuse containers etc A colourless clear lightly perfumed liquid

Odour Suppresant

Highly perfumed re-odouriser for use in sewerage plants, farms and malodour areas. A straw coloured.

Odour And Grease Control

 A fragranced liquid containing citrus oils and formulated to overcome offensive odours and to remove and control grease, slime and bituminous deposits from a wide range of materials. A light straw coloured pleasantly 


Citrus Degreaser

An exceptionally powerful water based degreaser. Highly dilutable for removal of grease, grime and oils from vehicle components. It can be diluted to use in a parts washer. A straw coloured liquid.

Solvent Degreaser Concentrate

A very good product for degreasing engines, machinery, chassis, compressors , tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. Can be diluted many times with paraffin for added economy. A slightly straw coloured clear liquid with low aromatic solvent odour.

Solvent Degreaser And Tar Removing Concentrate 

A solvent degreaser giving excellent results when cleaning engines, machinery, chassis, compressors , tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. Can be used to remove tar from equipment. A colourless clear liquid.

Odourless Degreaser

An odourless solvent based degreaser. A colourless clear liquid.

Degreaser Descaler Concentrate

A superbly versatile acid based de-scaler and degreaser, ideal for use in all areas including shower areas, urinals, concrete floors etc. Can also be used to clean alloy wheels and even as a rust remover. A clear, pink lightly perfumed liquid.

Powerful Solvent Cleaner

Containing aliphatic hydro carbons and citrus oil extract, removes tar, grease oil etc.

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