Sulphuric Acid Drain Products

Caustic Drain Opener - Liquid

Caustic Drain Opener - Powder

Drain Reodouriser

Power Bleach

5% A ready to use bleach for disinfecting and cleansing of hard surfaces. Clear pale straw coloured liquid.

Bleach Concentrate 12% (Nominal)

A concentrated bleach, ideal for industrial sterilisation. Clear pale yellow coloured liquid.

Thickened Bleach 5%

A powerful thickened bleach offering increased residency on surfaces. Widely recognised as a most efficient product for heavy duty cleansing. Slightly viscous pale yellow liquid.

Odour Suppresant

Highly perfumed re-odouriser for use in sewerage plants, farms and malodour areas. A straw coloured.

Odour And Grease Control

A fragranced liquid containing citrus oils and formulated to overcome offensive odours and to remove and control grease, slime and bituminous deposits from a wide range of materials. A light straw coloured pleasantly 

Odour Neutrialser Enzyme Liquid

Use for control and eradication of odours.

Black Disinfectant

A high strength disinfectant based on high boiling tar acids, cresylic creosote, giving bactericidal properties and astringent long last odour. Black liquid.

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