Thickened Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Cleaner

A thixotropic, fragranced liquid based upon hydrochloric acid with excellent de-scaling and cleansing properties. Safe to use on ceramics, resin and plastic sanitary ware. Not suitable for use on stainless steel. A dark green, viscous liquid.

Thickened Phosphoric Acid Toilet Cleaner

A thickened cleaner with a pleasant lilac fragrance. Formulated to remove lime scale, uric acid and other stains. Safe to use on chromes and stainless steel. A dark blue viscous liquid.

Pink Pearlised Hand Soap

An extremely high quality luxury lotion that is not to be confused with lesser products offered by some other companies. Delicately fragranced with extract of rose oil and formulated using carefully selected skin care ingredients this liquid soap is equally at home in washroom and shower environments. Pink viscous liquid.

Thickened Citric Acid Toilet Cleaner

A viscose toilet cleaner based on natural acids combined with a broad spectrum biocide and pleasant perfume.

Thickened Bleach 5%

A powerful thickened bleach offering increased residency on surfaces. Widely recognised as a most efficient product for heavy duty cleansing. Slightly viscous pale yellow liquid.

Liquid Toilet And Descaler

A pleasantly perfumed hydrochloric acidic liquid toilet cleaner which effectively cleans, disinfects, de-scales and deodourises in one operation. Not suitable for use on stainless steel. A green coloured liquid

Non Formaldehyde Toilet Additive

A specially blended product for ‘portaloo’ use possessing a pleasant strong fragrance to combat odours. A purple liquid

Glass Cleaner

A highly effective cleaner for all glass, mirrow and tile surfaces. Can be used neat or diluted. A fast evapourating liquid with rapid cleaning capabilities that leaves surfaces clean and streak free.

Liquid Skin Cleanser With Sanitiser

A clear green viscose liquid hand cleaner which is achieved EN 1276 certification for biocidal performance.


Cleaner/disinfectant spefically formulate for use in changing rooms and communal areas. 

Toilet Macertor

Bathroom Cleaner And Maintainer

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Mould And Mildrew

Luxury Hand Soap

Hand Sanitiser

Waterline Surface Cleaner

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