Industrial degreaser

Citrus Degreaser

An exceptionally powerful water based degreaser. Highly dilutable for removal of grease, grime and oils from vehicle components. It can be diluted to use in a parts washer. A straw coloured liquid.

Solvent Degreaser Concentrate

A very good product for degreasing engines, machinery, chassis, compressors , tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. Can be diluted many times with paraffin for added economy. A slightly straw coloured clear liquid with low aromatic solvent odour.

Solvent Degreaser And Tar Removing Concentrate 

A solvent degreaser giving excellent results when cleaning engines, machinery, chassis, compressors , tanks, farm machinery, concrete floors etc. Can be used to remove tar from equipment. A colourless clear liquid.

Odourless Degreaser

An odourless solvent based degreaser. A colourless clear liquid.

Degreaser Descaler Concentrate

A superbly versatile acid based de-scaler and degreaser, ideal for use in all areas including shower areas, urinals, concrete floors etc. Can also be used to clean alloy wheels and even as a rust remover. A clear, pink lightly perfumed liquid.

Powerful Solvent Cleaner

Containing aliphatic hydro carbons and citrus oil extract, removes tar, grease oil etc.

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