What Is Our Process?

At Assured Solutions, everything starts with robust research and development. Our exhaustive R&D process enables us to design, test and create the exact formulas our customers need while our labelling service allows them to build their brand and market products as their own.

This development pathway is critical to the success of every single customer project and combined with our chemists’ 60+ years of industry experience, means we can focus strongly on customer requirements and anticipate changing needs.


Research and development

Our R&D department has many years of experience and extensive knowledge. Our highly practised chemists will work with customers to formulate solutions that meet their needs and specifications to create a desired product.

Free label design service

The beauty of our products is the ability to brand and market them as your own. We offer a highly sophisticated, in-house free label design service which enables us to produce fully customised labels in line with your colours and messaging.

Quality products at a competitive price

All our products are subject to rigorous quality control. Our highly experienced chemists are specialists in calibrated testing equipment for precise pH, volumetric chemical analysis and viscosity measurements to provide rapid and accurate chemical reporting. By operating in-house services from manufacture to quality control and testing, we can keep our pricing competitive and give our customers complete control over the design and branding for marketing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you my logo?

You can email us your logo and any artwork. Our designers will then use it to create a label for your products.

Can you create a label design for me?

Our designers are experienced in creating labels for various businesses and industries. Simply provide us with your logo, branding and key information and we’ll do the rest.

Can I make changes to my label?

Yes, you will have plenty of opportunity before the final print run to approve all artwork and request any necessary amendments.

Can I change my label in future?

Yes. We only produce enough for each product run as we print labels on a small batch basis. If you re-order, we can amend your labels or create a new design.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of labels?

No, as we print the labels for each order, you only commit to the number of labels required for the number of products you order.

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