Algae And Moss Remover

Black Spot Remover

Drive Way Cleaner

Brick And Masonry Cleaner

10% hydrochloric acid. Formulated to remove scale, lime scale and cement stains from masonry surfaces. A pink coloured clear liquid.

Artifical Grass Cleaner

Specially formulated to clean stains, disinfect, and deodorise artifical grass. Avaliable in various fragrances 

Ice Melt - Urea

UPVC Cleaner

A solvent based UPVC cleaner and restorer for the removal of paints, A colourless clear liquid.

Enzyme Cleaner

Use for control and eradication of odours from carpet, wall coverings, upholstery, floors, refuse containers etc A colourless clear lightly perfumed liquid

Bin Wash

Super strong lemon disinfectant for bins

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