Dishwash Liquid

A general purpose machine dishwash, with products suitable for use hard and soft water areas. A colourless clear liquid.

De-Tain Chlorinated Dish Wash

Cabinet Glass Wash

A high quality machine glass wash liquid exclusively for the cleaning of glasses in an enclosed machine. A colourless, clear liquid

Low Foam Rinse Aid

A low foam rinse aid formulated to reduce the surface tension of water to provide an enhanced drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses. A blue coloured clear liquid.

10% Washing Up Liquid

 A good quality high foaming washing up liquid. Can also be used as a hard surface cleaner. Viscous green clear liquid.

20% Washing Up Liquid

 A highly concentrated lightly perfumed cleaner that is ideal for manual dishwashing. A viscous green clear liquid.

Beer Line Cleaner

A highly alkaline beer pipe cleaner. For use with beer pipe, pump and cellar tank operations. Not for use on aluminium. A colourless clear liquid.

Purple Beer Line Cleaner


A low foaming liquid giving effective descaling in glass washers, dishwashers, Bain Marie’s and boilers. A colourless clear liquid

Glass Cleaner

A highly effective cleaner for all glass, mirrow and tile surfaces. Can be used neat or diluted. A fast evapourating liquid with rapid cleaning capabilities that leaves surfaces clean and streak free.

Power Bleach

5% A ready to use bleach for disinfecting and cleansing of hard surfaces. Clear pale straw coloured liquid.

Bleach Concentrate 12% (Nominal)

A concentrated bleach, ideal for industrial sterilisation. Clear pale yellow coloured liquid.

Thickened Bleach 5%

A powerful thickened bleach offering increased residency on surfaces. Widely recognised as a most efficient product for heavy duty cleansing. Slightly viscous pale yellow liquid.

Bleach Tablets

Chlorine release tablet to dilute as required for killing bacteria on previously cleaned surfaces. Use one tablet per one litre to make a 1000ppm solution.

Thixotropic Oven Cleaner

A thickened product giving increased residency to allow greater penetration of burned on food deposits. Ideal for use in ovens or on grills etc. Must be used with adequate ventilation& suitable P.P.E. A thixotropic colourless liquid.

Spray On Oven Cleaner

A highly alkaline cleaner for application via a trigger sprayer pack. Excellent results are obtained when used in a slightly warmed oven. Must be used in an adequately ventilated area & suitable P.P.E. A colourless clear liquid

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Polish

Kettle Descaler

Barbecue Cleaner

A highly effective cleaning liquid for all barbeques. Carbon deposits, grease and grime are easily removed with a single application leaving all surfaces clean. A clear colourless liquid. 

Grill Cleaner And Carbon Deposit Remover

Supplied in a convenient trigger spray this highly effective product is applied to the grill surface and allowed to penetrate for a short while.

Catering Cleaner

A non-tainting alkaline cleaner for use in catering establishments. Use on wall, floors, vehicle interiors, canteen and kitchen areas. A straw coloured clear liquid.

Catering Cleaner

A non perfumed biocidal cleaner for use in catering areas. A yellow clear liquid.

Enzyme Liquid

Use for control and eradication of odours from carpet, wall coverings, upholstery, floors, refuse containers etc A colourless clear lightly perfumed liquid

Ready To Use ‘Spectrum’ General Purpose Cleaner

 A very versatile cleaner for bar tops and most hard surfaces such as walls, floors, laminate and paintwork. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A green coloured liquid.

‘Kitchen Safe’ Biocidal Hard Surface Cleaner

For use in restaurant food preparation and all food contact areas where a powerful degreasing and sanitising action is required. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A pink coloured liquid.

Elegance Furniture Polish

 A cream furniture polish leaving a high shine and a light wax fragrance. A cream coloured liquid.

Laundry Liquid

Bio and non bio

Laundry Conditioner

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