Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Pre-Spray Solutions

Used to help loosen ingrained dirt as a pretreatment before using normal extraction methods. Come in a range of pHs

Pre-Spray Powders

Powdered versions for professional use to save weight and be more cost effective.

Odour Neutralisers

Based on zinc salts, these surround and elimiate bad odour casuing bacteria and prevent them from smelling

Antibac Carpet Cleaner

Cleaner with built in sanitiser. Tested in accordance with EN 1276. Kills 99.99% of bacteria in carpets. 


Highly fragranced carpet cleaning solutions which leave behind strong long lasting fragrances.

Pet Carpet Cleaners

Specially formulated to sanitise, break down animal soiling and prevent bad odours.

Enzyme Carpet Cleaner

A spray and leave product enzyme containing cleaner which breaks down organic matter such as milk, vomit etc and turning into non-hazardous water and CO2

Heavy Duty Carpet Prespotter

Rapidly penetrates and suspends soils making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient which helps the prevention of re-soiling. 

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner Powder

Super strong powdered carpet cleaner for use with extraction machines. It breaks down dirt and grease easily to be extracted with a wet vac.

Acid Rinses

Used to neutralise carpets after using high alkali cleaners.

Red Wine And Coffee Stain Remover

Targets the tannins in wine and coffee stains and gets rid of the staining.

Urine Digesters

Formulated to sanitise and break down animal soiling and prevent bad odours.

Solvent Prespray

Used for targeting oily stains such as makeup helping lift it and clean

Chewing Gum Remover

Citrus based solvent product is designed to soften the chewing gum and aid with its removal.

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