Bar Products

Bar and restaurant products have become increasingly important sector for us in the last few years. With the constant focus on increasing hygiene standards the need for chemical products that can be relied upon to deliver the highest of standards is a top priority. The products listed below form the majority available but not the entire range. If your requirements are not on this page please ask.


B204 Beer pipe cleaner. A highly alkaline beer pipe cleaner. For use with beer pipe, pump and cellar tank operations. Not for use on aluminium. A colourless clear liquid.

B223 Machine glasswash. A high quality machine glass wash liquid exclusively for the cleaning of glasses in an enclosed machine. A colourless, clear liquid.

D401 An anti-static and sanitising liquid. Ideal for use on all plastic surfaces to prevent the build up of static. May also be used on carpets. A colourless clear liquid.

97098 Ready to use ‘Spectrum’ general purpose cleaner. A very versatile cleaner for bar tops and most hard surfaces such as walls, floors, laminate and paintwork. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A green coloured liquid.

97099 ‘Kitchen Safe’ Biocidal hard surface cleaner. For use in restaurant food preparation and all food contact areas where a powerful degreasing and sanitising action is required. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A pink coloured liquid.

97100 ‘Clearview’ Glass Cleaner. Excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors leaving them streak free. Supplied in handy 1ltr trigger spray packs and refill containers. A clear blue liquid.

97119 Morning Mist Air freshener. An air freshener and sanitiser with a pleasant fresh perfume. A pink coloured clear liquid.

06097 Elegance Furniture Polish. A cream furniture polish leaving a high shine and a light wax fragrance.

04057 Monopropylene glycol. Used as a refrigerant in wine coolers etc. Supplied in clear and blue colour.

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