Beaded Hand Cleaners

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The Assured Solutions heavy duty hand cleaners are without doubt amongst the finest there are. Combining the very finest skin care ingredients with the very latest in cleaning technology we have created a hand care range unmatched within the industry.

The products listed below are the most popular but there are many others to choose from and of course, we could formulate to your requirements .

D428 Red Beaded Gel. A carefully selected combination of low aromatic hydro-carbon solvents, surfactants, skin care ingredients, perfume and micro polymer beads are blended to form a soft gel. Grease, grime and oil is rapidly removed and easily rinsed off. This hand cleaner is ideally suited to industrial, auto and engineering environments and can be dispensed using one of our dispenser options.

D426 Yellow citrus beaded gel. Harnessing the cleaning power of naturally derived citrus oils this hand cleaner contains a mild antiseptic and lanolin to moisturise the skin and help replace those natural oils lost during hand washing. A good all round cleaner with a pleasant smell of natural lemon that is especially effective in removing printing ink as well as grease and grime. Also available in orange this product can be dispensed using one of our dispenser options.

94169 Yellow citrus beaded gel. A reduced viscosity dispenser grade version of D426 packed in 1litre dispenser cartridge bottles for use in the wall mounted dispensers (page 13) or jerrycans.

D440 Orange beaded gel. This is a product that we’re particularly proud of and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the range. Combining the cleaning abilities of both D428 and D426 ensures the best of both worlds and gives you without doubt the most versatile hand cleaner on the market today. We have now enhanced the skin care properties to help protect any cuts and grazes from infection. As with all our industrial beaded gels we offer a number of options for dispensing.

D425 Citrus Paste. A white dense paste this hand cleaner is the heavy weight champion for grease grime and oils removal. Our usual micro beads make way for fine grade organic scrubbing agents that massage the soil from the skin and are emulsified by the inclusion of special surfactants and citrus cleansing agents. This citrus based hand cleaner has good quality skin care ingredients and possesses excellent wash off capability. Dispensers are available for this product and are listed here.

96160 Lime beaded gel. If it’s ‘lime’ that you are after, here it is! Based upon the best selling D426 this hand cleaner has a pleasant lime fragrance and is presented with a lime colour. Easily dispensed with one of our dispenser options this hand cleaner is also available in a reduced viscosity version for presenting in a jerrican.

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