Detergents, Bleaches and Disinfectants

Detergents, bleach and disinfectant form the back bone of most janitorial product ranges. Our toilet cleaners are formulated to be high performance chemicals that are pleasant to use and effective. Listed below are the main volume sellers in our Detergent range. If you cannot see what you are looking for please ask.


D411 Concentrated detergent 20%. A highly concentrated lightly perfumed cleaner that is ideal for manual dishwashing. A viscous green clear liquid.
89056 10% Washing up liquid. A good quality high foaming washing up liquid. Can also be used as a hard surface cleaner. Viscous green clear liquid.


J913 Power bleach. 5% A ready to use bleach for disinfecting and cleansing of hard surfaces. Clear pale straw coloured liquid.
J901 Bleach concentrate 12% (nominal). A concentrated bleach, ideal for industrial sterilisation. Clear pale yellow coloured liquid.
94020 Thickened bleach 5%. A powerful thickened bleach offering increased residency on surfaces. Widely recognised as a most efficient product for heavy duty cleansing. Slightly viscous pale yellow liquid.
J918 Bleach tablets. Chlorine release tablet to dilute as required for killing bacteria on previously cleaned surfaces. Use one tablet per one litre to make a 1000ppm solution.


J903 Green pine disinfectant. QAP 30 concentrated general purpose disinfectant exhibiting a broad spectrum action. Dark green liquid.
J908 Lemon disinfectant. QAP30 Use for general purpose disinfecting and for spray application for odour control. Bright yellow clear liquid.
8821 QA disinfectant. QAP 50 Thickened quaternary disinfectant for sterilising. An orange coloured liquid
90109 Black Reodouriser. A high strength disinfectant based on high boiling tar acids, cresylic creosote, giving bactericidal properties and astringent long last odour. Black liquid.

If you need any of our Detergents then please get in touch with us today.

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