Dishwashing & Oven Cleaners

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The Dishwasher Cleaners and Oven Cleaners listed below form the majority available but not the entire range. If your requirements are not on this page please ask.


B224 Machine dishwash. A general purpose machine dishwash, suitable for use in most hard and soft water areas. A colourless clear liquid.

B221 Hard water dishwash. A high activity liquid for use in hard water areas. Will also provide stain and tannin control. A colourless clear liquid.

D430 Low foam rinse-aid. A low foam rinse aid formulated to reduce the surface tension of water to provide an enhanced drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses. A blue coloured clear liquid.

C315 Descaler. A low foaming liquid giving effective descaling in glass washers, dishwashers, Bain Marie’s and boilers. A colourless clear liquid


B203 Thixotropic oven cleaner. A thickened product giving increased residency to allow greater penetration of burned on food deposits. Ideal for use in ovens or on grills etc. Must be used with adequate ventilation& suitable P.P.E. A thixotropic colourless liquid.

B216 Spray-on oven cleaner. a highly alkaline cleaner for application via a trigger sprayer pack. Excellent results are obtained when used in a slightly warmed oven. Must be used in an adequately ventilated area & suitable P.P.E. A colourless clear liquid


97100 'Clear view' Glass, mirror and window cleaner. A highly effective cleaner for all glass, mirrow and tile surfaces. Can be used neat or diluted. A fast evapourating liquid with rapid cleaning capabilities that leaves surfaces clean and streak free.

98022 UPVC cleaner. A solvent based UPVC cleaner and restorer for the removal of paints, A colourless clear liquid.

If you are interested in our Dishwasher Cleaner or oven cleaner then please get in touch with us for more information.

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