Floor Care

The floor care product group has developed over the years to become one of the most comprehensive available. As with all Assured Solutions chemicals they were formulated without compromise to be performance products. Some competitors buy in cheap concentrates to make, for example, a pine floor gel whereas we use the highest grade of pine oil available, because the higher the grade the greater the cleaning ability. The Floor Care Products listed are the best selling chemicals in the range but do not comprise all that is available.


A107 Pine floor gel. A superior pine floor gel. Our pine floor gel exclusively uses pine oil of the very highest quality available which significantly enhances the cleaning power as well as imparting a clean and natural residual smell. A flowable light-tan coloured gel.

A108 Lemon floor gel. A very efficient cleaner formulated using high quality ingrediants derived from lemon oils and powerful detergents in an easily dispersed gel. A yellow flowable gel.

A119 Catering cleaner. A non-tainting alkaline cleaner for use in catering establishments. Use on wall, floors, vehicle interiors, canteen and kitchen areas. A straw coloured clear liquid.

A102 Catering cleaner. A non perfumed biocidal cleaner for use in catering areas. A yellow clear liquid.

89002 Floor maintainer. A pleasantly perfumed buffable floor cleaner and maintainer. Used to replenish and revitalise floors with metallised floor polishes. When used with polishing machines a highly polished low slip surfaced is produced. A green coloured clear liquid.

D403 High Foam Carper cleaner. Excellent for deep cleaning of the pile, as well as spot cleaning. Upon drying the dry foam can be vacuumed to leave a clean carpet with no sticky residues. A light straw coloured clear liquid.

8466 Low foam carpet cleaner Concentrate. For use with soil extraction machines that revitalises the pile and look of carpets and rugs. A water white clear liquid.

B209 'Altro' floor cleaner. A highly concentrated product with exceptional cleaning abilities capable of tackling the dirtiest of floors and especially effective on 'Altro' and similar resinous floors. A straw coloured clear liquid.

01170 Laminate floor cleaner. A special formulation for use on laminate floors. Leaves no residues. Supplied in any pack size including trigger spray. A colourless clear liquid.

C306 Cement cleaner. A 10% strength acidic liquid for easy removal of cement residues on floors. A red coloured clear liquid.

C305 cement & concrete remover. A 20% acid content of the above. A straw coloured liquid.

99084 Low foaming (machine floor scrubber) cleaner. A highly effective low foaming chemical formulated for use in commercial scrubber drier machines. A clear green liquid.


D404 18% Metallised floor polish. A high quality metallised floor polish giving maximum durability and a consistently brilliant sheen.An opaque, white liquid.

D404 25% Metallised floor polish. A higher solids version of the above. An opaque, white liquid.

A103 Floor polish stripper. An ammoniated cleaner for rapid removal of both metallised and non metallised polishes. A clear blue coloured liquid.

97028 Non ammoniated floor polish stripper. A non ammoniated version of the above. A colourless clear liquid.

D409 Stone & concrete sealer. A water based concrete and stone floor sealer that dries to a tough and resistant film with excel

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