Industrial Products & Odour Control

Industrial products. This collection of chemicals encompasses a variety of products that cover many categories for a variety of industries. Drain cleaners and Flocculants included on this page are high performance chemicals.


C306Brick and masonry cleaner 10% hydrochloric acid. Formulated to remove scale, lime scale and cement stains from masonry surfaces. A pink coloured clear liquid.

C305 Cement and concrete remover. A powerful hydrochloric acid based product with rust inhibitors to remove cement and concrete and protect against attack on bare metal. Excellent for removing rust, rust stains, cement runs etc. A clear colourless product.

C304 28% Hydrochloric Descaler acid. Will remove concrete and cement from plant and machinery. Use to de-scale tanks, heat exchangers, boilers etc. A straw coloured liquid.

D409 Concrete and masonry sealer. A water based seal for cement and stone surfaces. Often used to prevent dusting on factory floors. A white opaque liquid.

C303 Degreaser, de-scaler concentrate. A superbly versatile acid based descaler and degreaser, ideal for use in all areas including workshops, garages, etc. A clear pink lightly perfumed liquid.


H802 Cold bath decarboniser. Intended for the removal of carbon deposits. Also effective as a paint remover for air dried and stoved surfaces. Available with or without a seal. A dark brown liquid.

H803 Thixotropic Paint stripper. Solvent based paint remover with enhanced residency for removal of paint from a wide variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, steel, aluminium and other metals. A viscous colourless gel with pungent odour. Use only in well ventilated areas.

E503 Tar & Bitumen remover. For fast and efficient removal of tar and bitumen from road building machinery, tankers, construction vehicles and masonry etc. A straw colour liquid.

G703 Penetrating and release fluid. Apply to nuts, cables, jammed locks, corroded components to free and release. A tan coloured liquid.

E517 De-watering & rust preventative. Moisture remover and rust preventative oil for protecting machine parts when in storage. A tan coloured liquid.

F604 Moisture removing compound. Used to de-water components and act as a temporary protector. A tan coloured liquid.

8181 Oil dispersant. Formulated with specialised high foaming detergents to remove and suspend oil spillages in an emulsion for easy removal. A blue coloured liquid.

C302 Aluminium cleaner. A formulation of detergents and hydrofluoric acid for cleaning and brightening all aluminium surfaces. A colourless clear liquid.

E506 Mould release agent. A widely used release agent for an extensive range of moulded products. A colourless clear liquid.


90037 Enzyme liquid. Use for control and eradication of odours from carpet, wall coverings, upholstery, floors, refuse containers etc A colourless clear lightly perfumed liquid.

J917 Odour suppresant. Highly perfumed re-odouriser for use in sewerage plants, farms and malodour areas. A straw coloured.

96154 Odour and Grease control. Containing citrus oils and formulated to overcome offensive odours and to remove and control grease, slime and bituminous deposits from a wide range of materials. A light straw coloured pleasantly fragranced liquid.


C312 Sulphuric acid drain cleaner. Use to remove all blockages from dr