Assured Solutions Limited believe that if they are to continue to be market leaders in their field it is important to invest in the future.

During 2013 ASL have replaced two manufacturing vessels with new custom made stainless steel vessels to ensure continued improvement of products and manufacturing capability,

ASL have continued with improving their manufacturing capabilities with new machinery throughout 2015.

ASL have also purchased new filling equipment to maintain order proccessing efficiency as the company continues to evolve.

Assured Solutions Limited believe that a company cannot evolve unless its staff evolve with it, ASL are currently supporting members of staff through college courses designed to improve the technical support offered by the company to its customers.

In a market that is continually changing we encourage our customers feedback and suggestions so that we can fulfill their requirements for not only today but the future.

Polymer Beads In Hand Cleaners

The UK government has announced plans to ban microbeads used in cosmetics and cleaning products by 2017.

Dear Customer
Further to the above announcement by the government to ban the use of polymer micro beads.
Here at Assured Solutions ltd we have been testing a variety of alternative scrubbing agents for use in our industrial hand cleaners for some time.
The challenge has been to be able to reproduce the abrasive qualities of polymer beads and retain a stable and user friendly formula. During testing we have found that some naturally derived scrubbing agents degrade within the hand cleaners over time and others were found unsuitable due to potential for allergic reactions in use.
We have now completed the reseach and development and can announce that finely crushed Corn cob will be used as a first class alternative to the polymer micro bead.
The hand cleaners will remain identical with the exception of the switch to the corn cob.
The physical appearence is altered a little due to the change from a translucent polymer bead to the solid corn derived version.
The new product will be required for cosmetic regulations.

Best regards
Sales and Marketing


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